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mccrectt2020.in is a personal blog that publishes news on jobs, government schemes and various other areas. We have a team of expert journalists who analyze and bring these news to you.

Let us tell you that all the information provided by us is collected from various government websites, internet, and newspapers. While collecting information, we keep in mind the authenticity and credibility of the news from every aspect. We advise you that after the information given by us, you must visit the relevant website and do the matching.

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Many people are confused whether our website (mccrectt2020.in) is related to any government department. Our website “mccrectt2020.in” is not related to the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh.

The official website of Municipal Corporation Chandigarh is http://mcchandigarh.gov.in/. And we do not claim to be any government department and we are just a news portal which covers various updates and stories.

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