Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates, Assembly Election Results 2024 Updates, Big Win Likely For NDA

Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates: As the Lok Sabha Polls voting has ended, now the exit polls numbers have been released on 1st June 2024. People from all over India have actively voted for their preferred parties. In each state, the voting booths were open on different decided dates and days. Now, people are excited to know the final result of Lok Sabha Election Exit Poll 2024 which will come out on 4th June 2024. There are seven phases of the election conducted by the Election Commission of India in order to choose the Prime Minister of India.

All people of India are curious about who will win the Lok Sabha Election this year. Will the BJP hit the hat trick? Or Will India sweep the way of the BJP? Or by any chance, will Congress win the heart of the people?  All people of all over India are curious to know who is going to win this time. Must watch the Exit polls result which have already been released.

Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates: What exactly it is?

As we know, elections are very important for all people to choose their preferred candidate. It allows people to vote for their desired representative according to their suitability and eligibility. Here, if we talk about what is the Exit poll, it is the post-election survey conducted by various media sources. With the help of the exit poll, we can predict the mood of the nation.

Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates

Exit poll helps in predicting the number of seats occupied by the different participating parties. Here, one thing we need to note is that these exit polls are based on predictions only and these are not the same as the result of the official elections. The official election result will be released on 4th June 2024 by the conducting authority, i.e., the Election Commission of India.

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Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates

Let’s discuss the live updates of the exit polls released by the various media agencies. In the Exit polls live updates, six exit polls predict a big victory for the ruling BJP-led NDA that is Jan Ki Baat (362-392), News Nation (342-378), Dainik Bhaskar (353-368), India News D-Dynamics (371) and Republic Bharat- P Marq (359).  

Moreover, the Exit polls results also predicted the dominance of NDA in Maharashtra, and Karnataka, and the left-led route of alliance in Kerala. If we move on to the Bengal, the BJP has performed its best the last time (22). As a result of the Exit poll, the BJP has become the single largest party in Bengal for Lok Sabha Seats.

The Prime Minister of India is a member of the BJP and he is expected to hit the hat-trick this year. Congress seems to have lost its credibility but is expected to win the hearts of the people with the help of these elections. The 2019, the BJP secured 303 seats, and the NDA pushed this number to 352. And, if we talk about the congress, it secured 52 seats, and UPA secured a total of 91 seats. This year, the BJP has a big aim to get 370 seats along with the help of allies 400 seats. Let us tell you that 543 seats are in parliament’s lower house and 272 is the majority mark.

Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates Result

Check out the live updates of the exit poll 2024 here:

Dainik Bhaskar281-350145-20133-49
Jan ki Baat362-392141-16110-20
India News D-Dynamic37112547
News Nation342-378153-16921-23
Republic Bharat Matrize353-368118-13343-48
Republic TV-p Marq35915430

When will the final result of the Lok Sabha election come out?

The final result of the Lok Sabha Election will be revealed on 4th June 2024. On that day, we will know about our would-be Prime Minister. But, before announcing the final result of the Lok Sabha Election, multiple media agencies have started the exit polls 2024 and Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates has been announced on 1st June 2024.

The main purpose of conducting the exit polls is to check which party will get the support of the Voters and who will win the maximum number of seats. The Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates reveal the expected result and make people aware of the winning parties.

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